Shop till You Drop: New York City’s Top 15 Malls and Outlets

New York City is a shopper's paradise. With countless malls and outlets scattered throughout the city, it can be overwhelming to decide where to shop.

But fear not, as this guide will introduce you to the best shopping malls and outlets in the city.

Whether you're looking for high-end luxury brands or affordable fashion, there is something for everyone in New York City.

From the sleek and modern to the classic and historic, each mall and outlet has its own unique charm and offerings.

In this guide, we will explore the top shopping destinations in the city, highlighting their standout features and what makes them worth a visit.

Whether you're a local or a tourist, these shopping destinations are a must-visit for anyone looking to indulge in some retail therapy.

So, get ready to shop till you drop as we take you on a journey through the best shopping malls and outlets that New York City has to offer.

1. Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards
20 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001 (Google Maps)

Hudson Yards is a sprawling shopping mall and outlet with over 100 shops and 25 restaurants, including those from celebrity chefs.

The mall is well-organized and easy to navigate, with ample seating areas and clean bathrooms.

Visitors can find a wide selection of clothing, accessories, and other items, as well as a variety of dining options.

The mall is located close to the High Line and the Chelsea Market, making it a great addition to a day out in the city. Don't miss the impressive Christmas lights and the chance to visit the Edge on the 4th floor.

2. Brookfield Place

Brookfield Place
230 Vesey St, New York, NY 10281 (Google Maps)

Brookfield Place is a high-end shopping mall and outlet that offers a beautiful view of the water and city skyline. The mall has a great variety of stores and restaurants, including a French market and an outdoor café.

The food court offers delicious food options, and the mall is a great place to take pictures. During the colder months, there is an ice rink, and during the warmer months, visitors can take a boat trip on the water.

The Winter Garden is a great place to spend time window shopping and snacking. The mall is well organized, and the light entering through the roof gives a nice option to see the outside.

Visitors can also make a connection to the nearby subway station. Brookfield Place is a great place to shop, dine, and enjoy events.

3. Westfield World Trade Center

Westfield World Trade Center
185 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10007 (Google Maps)

Westfield World Trade Center is a shopping mall and outlet with a unique and breathtaking architecture.

It has an array of brand name stores and a variety of places to eat. The interior is grand and spacious with ample seating areas.

The mall also provides easy access to the subway and the September 11 memorial. The building is well-maintained, clean, and offers free restrooms.

It is highly recommended for tourists visiting the city to experience this serene atmosphere and elegance.

4. Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal
89 E W 42nd St, New York, NY 10017 (Google Maps)

Grand Central Terminal is a historic train station and shopping mall located in the heart of Manhattan.

This Beaux-Arts building is a must-see for anyone visiting New York City. With its majestic architecture and rich history, it's a great place to explore and shop.

The terminal has a large selection of food and beverage options, making it a perfect pit stop for a quick bite or drink. The building is well-maintained and clean, and there are plenty of public restrooms available.

Grand Central Terminal is also a major transportation hub, connecting visitors to various modes of transportation throughout the tri-state area.

5. 75 Rockefeller Plaza

75 Rockefeller Plaza
75 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10111 (Google Maps)

75 Rockefeller Plaza is a modern and clean shopping mall and outlet with a fantastic selection of products from big brands and niche designers. The staff is always welcoming and friendly, and the customer service is excellent.

The mall offers a variety of low-priced goods, as well as fashion items for both classic and extravagant tastes, with medium-high prices proportional to the quality of the available products.

Visitors can enjoy nearby restaurants and entertainment options, and the American Girl Doll Experience is a must-visit.

The mall is less crowded than others, making it a great choice for those who prefer a more relaxed shopping experience.

6. Soho

599-607 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 (Google Maps)

Soho is a vibrant shopping mall and outlet that offers a wide variety of shopping options in a compact space.

The vendors are friendly and welcoming, and the prices are reasonable.

With a diverse range of products available, shoppers are sure to find something that suits their needs.

Soho is definitely worth a visit for anyone looking for a unique shopping experience.

7. Fulton Market Building

Fulton Market Building
South St, New York, NY 10038 (Google Maps)

The Fulton Market Building is a unique shopping destination that offers more than just retail therapy. With a beautiful location and open-air shopping, visitors can enjoy a day out with great restaurants, bars, and entertainment options.

The highlight of the building is the iPic movie theater that boasts comfortable seats, delicious food, and drinks.

The third floor restaurant, 10 Corso Como, offers a menu in both Italian and English and is perfect for people watching.

Whether you're in the mood for a date night or a chill hangout, the Fulton Market Building has something for everyone.

8. 4 Union Square

4 Union Square
40 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003 (Google Maps)

4 Union Square is a bustling shopping mall and outlet that offers a diverse range of stores and eateries.

Visitors can enjoy fresh food at the food court or dine at one of the many restaurants.

The mall has a vibrant atmosphere, and the winter market across the street adds to the charm.

While it can get crowded at times, the experience is overall positive. If you're looking for a shopping destination in the area, 4 Union Square is worth a visit.

9. 101 7th Avenue

101 7Th Avenue
101 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011 (Google Maps)

If you're looking for a high-end shopping experience, 101 7th Avenue is definitely worth a visit. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the mall is well-organized and kept in great condition.

The storefronts are beautifully updated with fun and quirky typography that's sure to catch your eye.

Inside, you'll find a great selection of clothes and jewelry from top brands. If you're looking for fragrances or men's clothing, be sure to check out Fragrance and the men's store.

While the prices may be a bit steep for some, the quality of the merchandise and customer service make it worth the investment.

10. One Direction World

One Direction World
2 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10001 (Google Maps)

One Direction World is a shopping mall and outlet that caters to fans of the popular boy band.

The store offers a variety of merchandise, including CDs, dolls, and wallpaper.

While the store may be appealing to fans of One Direction, it may not be worth visiting for those who are not fans of the band.

The store is well organized and has a friendly staff, but the prices may be higher than other stores. If you are a fan of One Direction, this store is a must-visit destination.

11. Soho Mall

Soho Mall
176 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10013 (Google Maps)

Soho Mall is a must-visit shopping destination for anyone who loves to shop. The mall offers a wide range of shopping options and great sights to explore.

Its unique architecture and wall art make it an amazing place to visit with family.

The mall also offers plenty of food options to satisfy all cravings. Visitors can take a leisurely walk and enjoy the views, and if they're lucky, they might even spot a movie star.

Soho Mall is a perfect place to experience the diverse culture of New York City.

12. The Atrium

The Atrium
601 Lexington Avenue, 153 E 53rd St, New York, NY 10022 (Google Maps)

The Atrium is a shopping mall and outlet that offers a wide range of food options and shops.

The mall is conveniently located near a subway entry and has a great entrance to trains. The food court has plenty of variety, from Korean to regular pizza and Thai food.

The atmosphere is clean, and there is plenty of seating available. The Atrium is a great spot for people watching and has a chill vibe.

The mall is a good place to grab a quick bite or take a lunch break, and there are plenty of shops to browse.

13. The Fulton Center

The Fulton Center
200 Broadway, New York, NY 10038 (Google Maps)

The Fulton Center is a modern transit hub and sleek retail center with a circular layout and spiral staircase. It features a small food court and a few upscale quality stores.

The location is family-oriented and offers different cuisine options, a coffee truck, an ice cream shop, and more stores opening soon.

The mall is well-integrated with the subway, making it a convenient stop for commuters. The architecture is impressive, and the center is clean and organized.

Visitors can enjoy free WiFi, transit kiosks, and restrooms. It is a great place to make a pit stop and grab a quick bite before taking the subway.

14. The Shops at Columbus Circle

The Shops At Columbus Circle
10 Columbus Cir, New York, NY 10019 (Google Maps)

The Shops at Columbus Circle is a beautiful and upscale indoor mall located near Central Park. It hosts a variety of high-end brands and specialty shops, along with several dining options.

The mall is climate-controlled and spotless, with plenty of security. Additionally, the mall is easily accessible for commuters.

Whole Foods is located in the basement, which is convenient for shoppers who need a break from shopping. The view from inside the mall is also stunning.

If you're looking for a high-end shopping experience, The Shops at Columbus Circle is definitely worth checking out.

15. East River Plaza

East River Plaza
517 E 117th St, New York, NY 10035 (Google Maps)

East River Plaza is a bustling shopping mall and outlet with a great selection of stores. Visitors can find popular retailers like Target, Costco, Aldi, Marshalls, and Burlington, among others.

While it can get crowded on weekends, the variety of stores makes it a one-stop-shop for clothing, groceries, electronics, and more.

The plaza also offers a few nearby restaurants for those looking to grab a bite to eat.

Parking is available, but visitors should expect to pay. The plaza's location provides a nice view of the city skyline and the East River.