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Scoop out the Fun: 5 Must-Try Ice Cream Sundae Spots in NYC

New York City is well-known for its diverse food scene, and ice cream sundaes are no exception. From classic hot fudge to unique toppings like edible gold flakes, the city offers an abundance of options for satisfying your sweet tooth.

Whether you're a local or a tourist, there's no shortage of places to indulge in a delicious ice cream sundae.

One of the great things about ice cream sundaes in New York City is the variety of choices. You can find classic ice cream parlors that have been around for decades, as well as trendy, modern spots that offer creative twists on the traditional sundae.

Whether you're looking for a nostalgic experience or something new and exciting, the city has it all.

Another factor that makes New York City a prime destination for ice cream sundaes is the quality of the ingredients. Many ice cream shops in the city pride themselves on using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to create their sundaes.

This means that you can enjoy a sundae that not only tastes amazing but also supports local farmers and producers.

So, whether you're in the mood for a simple vanilla sundae or something more adventurous, the city has plenty of options to choose from.

In this blog post, we'll be exploring some of the best places for ice cream sundaes in New York City, so get ready to indulge in some delicious treats!

1. Caffe Panna

Caffe Panna
77 Irving Pl, New York, NY 10003 (Google Maps)

Caffe Panna is a stylish gelateria that offers a range of seasonal flavors. The staff is helpful and offers samples to ensure customers make the right choice.

The affogato is a must-try, and customers can choose any flavor of ice cream to mix with their espresso. The whipped cream is very fresh, and light, a must!

The gelato is on the pricey side, but it's worth it for the quality. Customers can check their Instagram for the daily flavors.

The indoor dining area may not be open, but there are three small tables outside. Caffe Panna is perfect for those who love to try new and exciting ice cream flavors.

2. Seed + Mill

Seed + Mill
409 W 15th St, New York, NY 10011 (Google Maps)

Seed + Mill is a contemporary counter that specializes in sesame seed-based desserts and spreads. Their ice cream sundaes are a must-try for anyone visiting the area.

They offer a unique selection of flavors, including halva and tahini soft serve, which are full of flavor and texture.

The staff is friendly and always ready to suggest the best option for your taste.

While the price might be a bit high for some, the quality of the product is worth it. Don't miss out on this delicious experience!

3. Tipsy Scoop

Tipsy Scoop
217 E 26th St, New York, NY 10010 (Google Maps)

Tipsy Scoop is a small ice cream shop that offers a variety of boozy ice cream flavors.

The staff is friendly and informative, helping customers navigate the diverse options available.

The ice cream is delicious and beautifully decorated, making for a great visual experience. The shop also sells branded merchandise, including an ice cream scoop.

Customers must be 21 or over to enter. It's a must-visit spot for those who love ice cream and cocktails.

4. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream
48 1/2 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003 (Google Maps)

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is a retro sweet shop that offers gourmet ice cream made from innovative ingredients.

They have a variety of unique flavors that are delectable and creamy. The staff is friendly and the facility is clean.

Their vegan-friendly options are delicious and the Earl Grey Tea flavor is a must-try. The prices are a bit high but the quality of the ice cream justifies the cost.

They also offer coffee and tempting sundaes. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is a great place to satisfy your sweet tooth.

5. Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit Co. x Juice Press

Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit Co. X Juice Press
25 E 17th St, New York, NY 10003 (Google Maps)

Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit Co. x Juice Press is a must-visit dessert spot for anyone who loves ice cream sundaes. They offer a unique twist on the classic treat by using soft serve fruit instead of traditional ice cream.

The variety of flavors and toppings is impressive, and the staff is happy to let you sample them before making a decision.

The dairy-free options are a great alternative for those with dietary restrictions. The seating area is cozy, but if it's crowded, you can grab a bench at the nearby park.

The prices are a bit high, but the quality of the treats makes it worth it. Don't miss out on this delicious and healthy dessert experience!